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Seriously?!?! March 29?  How is that even possible?  I mean, I knew this was going to happen.  I knew when January came around it would go like this: January March May July…because I have one graduating in May and one getting married in July. And whenever my calendar goes from the usual ‘nothing’ to the unusual ‘a lot’ to do, it’s like the universe hits the fast forward button…like when the button gets stuck on my treadmill at the gym and I step on the thing and hit start and it goes from 0 to 5.5 mph in 2 seconds.  So, I’m going to override the universe here for a minute and hit the ‘pause’ button and then the ‘publish’ button.

As always, I find myself wondering if I should pick one of the 20 things rattling around in my head to write about or if I should update bullet-style and cover all of it. ..and I think what I’ll do is bullet-style today (WITH PICTURES) and then get serious about thinking LESS about what I want to write and just WRITE.

On with it now.

  • THE BIRDS.  Every spring, here at the Casa, these guys come to visit, to congregate and fornicate in the trees right outside my office window, all the while making this godawful racket.  I swear, it makes me in.sane.  It also often makes me want to be Drum in Steel Magnolias.
  • The Strawberries. Y’all, you wouldn’t believe how big these things are. Well, obviously, they are so big that Dane found them worthy of  taking a picture of.  Tangerine size. The size of your fist. A baby’s head. These things were HUGE.  They screamed HEY MAKE A SHORTCAKE WITH ME or some of these.  So I did…a bunch…but not for ME.  Nope, I didn’t have one single one of those delectable, yet freakish strawberries.   I did, however, give them to…
  • The Happy Couple.  May I take this opportunity to introduce you to Casey and Lincoln.  This is my oldest daughter and her ‘feeyONsay.”   Lincoln has been a part of this family forever…Dane is 11 and doesn’t remember a time there wasn’t a Lincoln.  He is the one who gave Dane his first Tony Hawk video game…by gave I mean loaned and never got back.  Dane was probably 4 and Tony Hawk video games were probably the biggest reason Dane learned to read.  So, thank you, Lincoln, for that, and for making my daughter so incredibly happy.  Even though you are going to take her far, far away to sunny California when she is your wife.  I hope you have a house with “mother-in-law” quarters.
  • The Gym.  I am very happy to say that this place has changed my life.  I started January 17, 2010 and have been sweating and looking ugly in front of strangers 4-5 times a week ever since.  To date, I’ve probably lost about 30 pounds…and I say probably and about because I was too afraid to weigh when i started.  No matter.  What matters is that my life went from 0 to 3.1-3.5 mph for 45-60 minutes 4-5 times a week and as a result I’ve lost my quasimoto neck hump and found my wrist bones…and my original chin…

and it’s a whole new world.  until next time…


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