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This is what the Junior looked like when I picked her up today after she made a 95 on her Algebra II test (was going to link you cutely for the story, but the link won’t work, so suffice it to say, the Junior didn’t do so well in Algebra II the first 6 weeks and she’s taking a little break from band because of it.  if she does well to the 3-week mark, she can get back to her normal bandgeekiness).


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Well, this picture would be way more fun if it was bigger than a postage stamp.  I gotta work on that picture sizing thing. 

At any rate, if you care to go grab a magnifying glass and come back, I will tell you the story about this picture. 

Got it?  Okay.

This picture was taken the first time and the last time the Yubs and their offspring all went on vacation together.  There are 7 of us and let me tell ya, the wheels on the van were stressed the hell out after that trip.  That was the only time we’ve ever really used the “on-board” DVD player…no, wait.  We used it that time we drove to Arizona in 16 hours and got there about drinking time and I had tequila shots and blacked out…but I digress.

Anyway, the Yubs and the offspring, along with the Teacher Lady and her family (her 2 older boys are the same age as the RCG and the Longhorn, and her youngest is the same age as the Boy) descended upon South Padre Island, Texas, that summer of 2003, the 12 of us.  And oh, the fun we had.  My gosh, I’d only ever been to Galveston, so the sheer blueness of the water was just overwhelming to those of us who’d only ever been to Galveston (which excluded the Mr. who has been everywhere where the water is blue and perfect).  That was the summer the RCG graduated from high school and I was bound and determined that before she flew the coop we would have a vacation proper, even if it meant using a Capital One check and all the money in my savings account. 

The lady who we rented our Pepto-Bismol pink house from told us we just had to go into Mexico shopping one of the 7 days we were there.  She recommended the town of Prospero (I think) because she said it was lovely and you could drive right in and not worry about coming back to a vehicle with no tires.  In Prospero, she said, it was just like the open air markets in Europe. 

But we decided on Hell the quaint little town of Matamoros instead, since it was closer and all.

Now, go up and take another gander at the photo…get the magnifying glass back out if you need to.  I’ll wait.

Do you see one ounce of ‘happy happy joy joy we are shopping in Mexico’ in that picture?

Well of course you don’t.

In the front, that’s me, the one who was perpetually taking a head count to make sure none of the 8 children had been accosted.  I almost ran into plenty of poles because I was walking looking backward.

Low and to the left would be the Boy, then referred to as LittleYub.  You may sort of be able to make out the death grip I was holding him with.  Directly behind me is the Junior.  She was so miserably hot that day and has always been prone to getting a bit “peckish” if she a) goes without food too long, b) is too hot, c) stands up too long, d) gets too tired.  She’ll just keel over like one of them fainting goats I’ve heard about.

So, yeah, I was worried about that.

Behind Kelly was one of the Teacher Lady’s boys.  He’s looking down so you can’t see how happy he is, but trust me.  On a good day in America whilst lounging with half-nekkid ladies fanning him, he looks like he smells something real stinky most of the time…so yeah, he was less than thrilled with Matamoros.

Then, looking so thrilled to be alive is the RCG, then the recent high school graduate.  She was pretty sure she was going to be kidnapped and/or fall through a grate in the sidewalk that led straight to hell the sewer.

Y’all can’t see much further back than that unless you really DO have a magnifying glass, but trust me, the Teacher Lady’s husband, my Longhorn, and the Oldest Teacher Lady’s boy all look like we are in single file, marching right into the arms of Satan. 

However, I must say that we did buy the Boy/LittleYub a real snazzy Mexican soccer team uniform (mainly because the dude selling it practically put it on him as we walked by).  RCG scored her some of them phony sunglasses for 20 bills (Foakleys), and because I had to have something silver, I bought a really large pair of cross earrings that I never wore a single time because when dangling from my lobes, they appeared almost big enough to crucify a real person, if they were small enough.

To say the least, we managed to pack a day-full of Mexican fun into about 1.5 hours.  By the time we left the Junior was more than “peckish” and the Boy was roughly the color of a tomato and I was literally pouring water over his hot little head to keep his body temperature under 215 degrees in the taxi on the way back.   All the while trying to squelch my own desire to scream in terror every time we almost had a wreck.

Yeah. Good times. Good times.

Now I’m going to go fill out my application to work for the Matamoros Tourist Bureau.


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