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You know, at 44, you’d think I’d get it that perhaps I need more sleep…that perhaps rather that sitting here in the shed our third living area, watching David Letterman and Craig Ferguson after the kids are asleep…I would think it is time to go to bed and get some of that stuff they call ‘sleep.’  However, night after night I relish this time where I can sit and do this while watching Dave and Craig, while the Mr. naps over there and the dogs nap on their blanket.  It’s become the time I reflect…which inevitably leads to me writing about whatever I am reflecting about. 

Tonight I reflect on the fact that my dishwasher finally arrived, along with my new ventahood for over the stovetop.  I guess nothing reminds you that you are a 40-something more than the sheer joy you get over a new appliance..and by ‘sheer joy,’ I mean that I want to make out with this gorgeous, shiny new appliance.  I’m serious.  This thing could get to third base with me without so much as buying me a beer.  It’s not even hooked up yet and it could still get to third base…just knowing it’s here makes me feel especially frisky.  Just the thought of all the silverware, which I DETEST, that I will no longer be washing, makes me giddy inside.  GIDDY, I tell you.  The mere prospect that the people I share space with…the ones who are allergic to Dawn dishwashing liquid and hot water, will participate in the loading and unloading of this wonderful machine makes me a little verklempt. 

God only knows what I am going to do when I get the new floors…or the new living room furniture.  Hell, I’m liable to have a completely spontaneous ‘big O.’ 

Appliances…new furniture…flooring…

Who knew they’d be so sexy?

It’s a great feeling, this 44.  It might very well replace my last favorite year of 33. It sort of makes me look forward to what is going to happen at 55.  I rather like it that at this stage of my life I am finding so much to look forward to…and it makes me wonder why so many women my age dread ‘getting older.’ 

A commercial for a funeral home just came on.

Ironic much?

All I know is that right now I am happy with where I am in life.  I am writing regularly, which is what I used to dream of doing…albeit in my vision I was sitting in front of a picture window overlooking the ocean, with ocean breezes wafting in, writing the next great novel, not sitting in the shed tapping away about my mundane ruminations on my life while Chingy raps way on Letterman in the background.  Much like being 44, this is what it is and I am enjoying it. 

Now, I think, it is time to rouse the Mr. and the doggies and go in and call it a night…like a responsible 44-year-old who needs some sleep.

Besides, there might be an episode of No Reservations on (that’s right, while this is our third ‘living area,’ we do not have satellite out here.  Here is where we watch our 65 gazillion network shows.

Those folks who want to know what we’re watching should give us one of them there boxes.  Is it the Nielson’s who want to know what we watch?  If they were to ask me this is what I’d tell them:

On Monday I watch:  The Antiques Roadshow, 2-1/2 Men and Old Christine…and Medium.

On Tuesday I watch American Idol and Jericho.

On Wednesday…okay…Wednesday must be weak since I can’t think of anything off the top of my head (but this week I will add Men in Trees…squeee).

On Thursday, it’s Survivor, LOST and Eli Stone.

On Friday, it’s Ghost Whisperer and the coolest vampire show ever, Moonlight.

And somehow, in between all that we also entertain The Boy and his rolly shoe tricks (yes, the Mr. let him buy some “Heelies,” and also manage to have sit-down dinners several times a week and get homework done and practice times tables and bathing kids and laundry. 

I might have just called this the Confessions of a 44-year-old TV Junkie who Somehow Manages to Get Other Things Done, too. 

But that was too long.


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