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More Adoption Talk…

Yet this time about dogs. 

As y’all know, we adopted a dog last month.  Her name is Belle and you’ve all probably seen her, since I have probably taken more pictures of her than I did my last kid.  She is, in a word, amazing.  We absolutely, completely, totally adore this dog.  Somehow, she manages to love us all, even though there are about a million of us to love.  She manages to share snuggle time with me, with the Mr., with The Junior, and with the Sub, and with The Boy.  She just seems to have this schedule in her head so she knows when it is time to go and love up on the next person in line.  She makes time for each and every one of us and loves us all the same.

I’ve had dogs I loved before, but my gawd, I do adore this dog.

The night after we adopted her, I sent an email to her family to let them know how much we loved her already.  I never heard back until today…

When I opened my email a while ago and saw the original mom had emailed me…I gotta tell you that my gut sort of flipped over.  Before I clicked on it, I was preparing myself for the worst…like, they’d reconsidered and wanted her back.  After I calmed myself, I clicked on it and found that the original dog mom appreciated the fact that we loved her and just wanted to see some pictures. 

Of course, I was more than happy to share the happy story of how this girl has fit into this family…how all of us, and there are a lot of us, have completely fallen in love with this dog.  I, happily, sent her some pictures and told her of how Belle has come to be a member of our family…how she lies with each and every one of us for the allotted time, somehow knowing she needs to love us up equally. 

And after I’d shared the pictures and the stories of how it’s been since she has been with us, I realized what we have here is an open adoption…an adoption where the original parents who loved her dearly just wanted to make sure she was okay, that she was loved, that she was taken care of…

just like my very own adoption.

My birth mom didn’t give me away willy nilly.  It was with great thought and care that the decision was made…just like Belle’s original owners struggled with the decison to let us take her to love. 

So…yeah…I’ve just compared my own adoption to the adoption of a dog.

And I am so completely fine with that.


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