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did not consist of cleaning or laundry or lying on the couch watching TLC or Anthony Bourdain all day.  Nope, today I had myself a long-awaited lunch date with one of my oldest friends in the world, Johnny.  He and I go way back to 1st grade at Glen Rose Elementary.  How well I remember sitting across the aisle from each other, holding hands and singing “Leaving on a Jet Plane.”  I wonder if he remembers that.  We remained fast friends all through elementary, through Junior High and High School.  We remembered today, as we drove into our hometown, that the last time we had ourselves a little road trip, that it was also a rainy, muddy, nasty day and how much fun we had then.  He was, and is now, one of the most genuine human beings I have ever known.  He’s one of these people you can go years without seeing and then BAM! it’s like not a day has passed. 

It was a special treat to go out to see his mother and daddy, who were some of my mother’s earliest friends in Glen Rose.  His daddy reminded me that they used to visit down at the Golden Arrow, which, to the best of my remembrance, was a little motel/cafe type outfit.  It was fun to sit in her little alteration shop and visit.  The last time I visited with her was when Mother was in the nursing home…and that was 13 years ago.

It seems odd to me that you can go so long visiting with people you care so much about, and then when you see them again, again, it’s like BAM! no time has passed at all.  Even more fun was the fact that Johnny’s daddy offered up their chickens when I said I wanted one for the backyard. 

How many folks do YOU go visit where they offer you a chicken when you leave?

We drove around Glen Rose and wondered who in the hell thought it was a good idea to build houses along the Paluxy when just last summer it got…um…all the way UP TO THE ROAD.  Then when we drove by, we realized that they were building, or had at least built one house, and it was ON STILTS…like a BEACH HOUSE…and we both decided we wanted one.

I was especially thrilled that I’d spent yesterday sort of cleaning when he needed to come in and use the facilities.  It really wouldn’t have mattered anyway, since Johnny falls into that category of folks who you let in to witness your chaos and know that they won’t go home and blog how nasty your house was.  Belle and Jack loved him up a lot while he was here and I hated to see him go.  I want him to come back and meet the Mr. and the kids.  He has two boys about the same age as the Sub and the Longhorn.  He has had a long haul becoming the Johnny he is and I applaud his journey.  I just love this guy.  He is the best kind of friend ever.  He is that best friend from 1st grade that can be your best friend when you are 44. 

We all have a friend like that…or when you grow up in a place like Glen Rose, you probably have more than a few.  And with those friends you get to include their mamas and daddies who were friends with your mama…the folks who remember you when you were knee-high to a grasshopper.  There is something to be said for visiting with folks who knew you back when.  It is those kind of longlasting connections with folks who ground you…who remind you of where you came from…who you were…and in doing so, they make you appreciate where you are and who you have become.

It’s all just a little surreal for me to reconnect with folks who just see Christine…not the Christine that I see.  They see ME, not the me I see in the mirror…the older, fatter, greyer version of me…and spending the day with those folks absolutely made my day. 

I sincerely hope that you guys have a Johnny…or two.


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What I Did Today

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

 Yes, today I made a Meez.  For the record, that is exactly what the kitchen at Casa de Yub might look like on any given Sunday.  Because…I’m on strike.  When the new dishwasher comes on Thursday, I think some of those dishes might be taken care of.  Not sure, but maybe…okay, hopefully.

But, that’s not all I did.  Noooooo.  Today I also made the hall bathroom usable.  See, Max the Big Ass Cat Photobucket

well, besides taking up 95% of the work space on my desk at any given point in time, he also eats and takes care of his bathroom things in the hall bathroom.  I have oft referred to Max’s amazing invisible poop, in that I am the only one who can see it, which must also mean that I have super powers.  I must be PooperWoman.  I must admit that I am not the most attentive litter box keeper, especially since I avoid that place like the plague. 

It doesn’t help that the same bathroom happens to be the one where The Boy does his bidness.  Let’s just say that, never having a boy child before this one, boys’ bathrooms are gross.  Well, let’s just say that the Boy’s future wife has a long row to hoe when it comes to bathroom issues.  So, mostly, I venture in on the occasion to gather The Boy’s dirty clothes and to sometimes deal with the litter box.  If you’re getting the picture that it isn’t pretty in there, you are very correct.  The gross 10,000-year-old pink tile and 10,000-year-old linoleum doesn’t really help the aesthetics of the room…forget the cat shit and boy pee that ensconces every bit of the toilet area. 

So, simply put, if you ever come to the Casa, please, please go to the bathroom at the EZ Mart before you get here.  And if I give you sweetea to drink while you are here, feel free to run down to the EZ Mart to go potty rather than venturing into the hall bathroom and shaming me endlessly.

Which leads me to why today I decided that maybe it was time to tackle the Boy/Cat bathroom and just get that shit cleaned the hell up…

Because last night Not the Boyfriend had to potty and The Sub did indeed direct him to the EZ Mart on the corner.

Mortified much?

Yes I was.

So, today, armed with many different cleansers and scrubbers and new litter box liners where you load up 11 liners with holes in them so that you basically don’t have to scoop and get all hands on, you just lift out the first liner and sift the crap out, I got in there and cleaned that muthah.  So now, the grossness has been replaced with the fresh scent of Mr. Clean and Ajax and Bam and Lime-Away (works great for lyme stains in the toilet).  It’s now a bathroom I would be proud for you to come and potty in, just in case you are in the neighborhood and feel the need. 

The thing is…no one ever, EVER comes over when it is potty worthy.  Go figure.

Before donning my HAZMAT suit and taking care of that little job, I managed to get some laundry done and making a totally awesome chicken spaghetti for Not the Boyfriend and The Sub…well, we ate it, too, so it wasn’t just for them.  We have Not the Boyfriend for a few weeks before he goes to Japan for 730 days, so I plan on feeding him as many times as possible all the yummy food he likes in the meantime.  He is, after all, the potential father to my future jarhead babies, so it’s the least I can do for the cause.

So, it was a full day and I’m a tired gal.  I’ll catch you folks on the flipside…OH…thanks to the Room Mother Lady, I will be hauling The Boy to the doctor’s office tomorrow in this height of flu season.  If you see some crazy bitch with Lysol wipes and Lysol spray sitting in the waiting room tomorrow (just in case we are dealing with a simple sinus infection and NOT the flu), well, that will be me. 

I need to order some face masks…OVERNIGHT delivery please.

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yet another…

picture of Belle looking at Jack longingly.  Can’t you just hear her saying ‘Lookit Old Man, this would be much easier if you’d stop resisting.”

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Craig’s List Revisited

Alright, I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again, I’m addicted to Craig’s List.  For someone like me who makes a living finding grammatical errors and misspelled words, it is like waking up Christmas morning to 150 thousand presents…times 5. 

I quit looking for a dog a while back, as I realize I like the idea of another dog more than the actual having one part; well, no, what I want is ANOTHER dog that isn’t an obsessive-compulsive licker/barker, needy thing like Jack, our pain in the ass wire-haired dachsund, but I can’t stop reading it.  I’m like a Craig’s List Rubbernecker.

But here’s the deal.  I read all these ads for dogs that need rehoming because Trevor is allergic or the owner’s wife is pregnant or just had a baby and doesn’t have time to throw some food and water out in the morning.  The ads talk about how great the dog is, how he is crate trained and knows sit and stay and housebroken and can fetch beer from the fridge, you know, just how perfect the dog is.  I especially love the ones where they call the dog they are selling “my baby.”  This one has to take the cake:

13 year old full yorkie needs good and loving home. I have taken a new job that requires a lot of my time. I want him to have the best last years he can have full of love and happiness.

She was nice enough to include a picture of the sad little guy.

I read that and was like…you have GOT to be shitting me. 

Now, I said all that to say this.  Hell, I don’t even necessarily LIKE dumbass Jack.  I think he barks too much and he licks too much and he follows me around too much with his clicky little fucking toenails and he gets in the trash and he will poop and pee inside sometimes if he isn’t let out, and he has to be fed and watered and all kinds of pain in the ass shit.

He is the very antithesis of these perfect dogs these people “rehome.”

But here’s the kicker.  I wouldn’t EVER go on Craig’s List and “rehome” pain in the ass Jack.  Know why?  Because it isn’t his fault that when Rob called and asked if he could bring him home I said yes.  That’s on ME, which makes me RESPONSIBLE for him.  Obligated even.  And even though I think he’s a pain in the ass, I’m his person and he isn’t disposable.

I’m not sure how some of those people live with themselves really.

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