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Someone, please alert the media.  I’m sure it is newsworthy to declare that I have been to the beauty shop not once or twice this year but THREE TIMES.  Two mystical things happened in my world in the last few months that have made this series of events possible:

1.  My new position as an editor and all the sweet dollars it brings me that my poor, gnarly, carpal tunnel/ulnar tunnel-ridden hands/wrists/elbows deprived me of while I was trying to crank out the keystrokes in production.  It never happened and I circled the financial bowl for about 6 months…all the time wondering what…in…the HELL am I GOING TO DO?!?


2.  I FOUND THE BEST HAIRDRESSER EVER.  Kim the Hairdresser.  Really, no kidding.  She is the kind of gal where you can walk in and say “Do you watch the news?  I want Clarice Tinsley’s hair!” 

Which is exactly what I did today.  No picture or nothing. 


The “Paula Deen” experiment was a bigger bite than I could chew, given it had been years since I’d fixed my hair and then I was having to learn how to work a flat iron and use “product” called Guts.

Next, I went with the “Glenn Close,” in which I had to grow out the top layers I got for the PD.  Cute at first but didn’t do much for me after a week or so. 

So, I’ve gone from a 60-ish Food Network Star to 60-ish movie/tv star to a 50-ish African-American anchorwoman who has been on our airwaves for as long as I can remember. 

This one though, this one is the keeper.  I’ll be having this ‘do at 45 and 50.  This ‘do will break my 80’s same ol’ ‘do record, in which I kept the same ‘do, only trimming 1/2 inch every few months or so and using approximately countless cans of Rave 4 Extra Hold hairspray and hot rollers and curling irons in order to appear to have a headful of voluminous flowing curls. 

Hello, mine name is Chris and I killed the ozone.


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