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  • Woke up feeling like I was about to cough up a ginormous hairball.  It seems that the crud that has gone from one spawn to another finally found me.  Gee, thanks, spawn.
  • Because I didn’t really feel like spreading my germs to the sweet old folks we sit by at church, I opted to just drop the boy off for Sunday school and skipping church this morning.  I didn’t want to give them my germs and i didn’t want any of theirs, either.
  • Used my sexy new dishwasher…and found out that due to water pressure and/or water temperature, that it isn’t going to be the end-all, do-all to my getting clean dishes.  I’m okay with it, really…if all the damn thing does is do the silverware, I’ll be happy.  I still love it and want to make out with it…the dishwasher, that is.
  • Washed the walls behind the garbage can and ‘coffee maker table,’ which is really just a wine rack where we have the coffee makers. 
  • Easy-offed the stovetop grates and cleaned the stovetop.  It sort of makes me never want to cook on it ever again.  It’s so pretty and shiny and clean. 
  • Scrubbed cabinets where the Mr. has made marinades and what not and sloshed crap all over the damn place.  It is amazing how pretty it looks and how clean it is now.  More to come.  Clean much?  I will.
  • Done loads and loads of laundry. 
  • Washed blankets and sheets and couch covers, some of which I got to hang out to dry outside, which means they smell like a little bit of heaven.  Really, is there anything that smells better than laundry that is dried on the line?  Right answer?  No.
  • Mopped and shined the kitchen floor.  Granted, it is gross, poop-brown, 60-year-old flooring, but by gosh, it is clean and it is now a shiny poop brown. 
  • Made abondegas, which is a tasty meatball and potato soup.  The Boy deemed it “awesome.”  I’ll take that. 
  • Realized that Zantac gets rid of that hacky cough I’ve had for months now.  Granted, I exchanged the hacky acid reflex cough with a real-life upper respiratory infection cough, but at least I know, hope anyway, that the hacky cough isn’t esophageal cancer. 
  • Manually torn in pieces about 16 bazillion pieces of junk mail/credit card applications/old bills that have never been opened.
  • I found the land-line phone and plugged it back in because my phone table is now perfectly clean and pretty and needs a phone on it

And now, the next thing I am going to do is go give this nasty ass dachsund a bath.  Wish me luck.


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Okay, I was wrong

The Room Mother Lady and her germie sammies and germie kid were not responsible for The Boy’s illness.  As it turned out, he has a sinus infection that led to an ear infection.  And not just your garden variety ear infection.  Seems The Boy has ‘a weird film and even bubbles’ layering his left tympanic membrane. 

So, I apologize for wanting to punch your face for bring your sick self and your sick boy to the Valentine’s Day party.  However, I can’t speak for Amanda’s mother or Tristan’s mother.  I will say, though, as a general rule, if your kid has been out sick all week and you are running a fever yourself…well, maybe it would be a great idea to delegate your room mother duties and keep you and your sick kid home.  Just in case…since it is flu season and all. 

I was tickled to see how Tanya, our PA, was so tickled to see The Boy.  Last year she saw him enough that ear tubes and what not were talked about.  This winter, he has been amazingly well.  Until now.  But really, we’ll take one ear/sinus infection as opposed to the 5 he had last winter. 

However, when we went to the pharmacy to pick up his meds, and me without my insurance card, I about had a heart attack when the pharmacy tech came to the window and said that one Rx was 149.00 and the other 120 and change.  After I was through with my myocardial infarction, I suggest maybe they do a little computer search to see if maybe they missed The Boy in the system.  After searching his sister and Dad, they did indeed find that he was covered on our Tricare insurance.  Total bill with insurance…12 bucks.

Breathe, I did, after the tech came to the window after she did some looking and said “okay, this is better,” when she said 12 bucks as opposed to 260 and change. 

That ‘come to Jesus moment’ in the drive through just reminded me how lucky we are that we happen to have this amazing insurance thanks to the US Army and Rob’s 23 years of service.  Thanks to his service, we won’t ever have to worry about getting the medicine The Boy needs.  Yet, it always makes me think of the folks who don’t have insurance…and it makes me feel bad for them.  What the hell do you do when your kid is sick and needs medicine and rent is due and you need gas and lunch money.  How hopeless you would feel in the drive-through at CVS.

And that, is why I am voting for hope.

Hope.  It’s a good thing.

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I have a cold for the first time in FOREVER.  I remember why I don’t like to have a cold.  My poor nose is sore, my lips are chapped, my right eye is all watery and droopy.  Nice soft Kleenexes…my kingdom for some nice soft Kleenex. 

On a happier note, I cybershopped like a muthah yesterday and knocked out all the big ticket items.  Mostly.  And it isn’t even December 1.  BOOYAH.  The monumentalness of this feat is HUUUUGE, considering you can usually find me at the SuperTarget 3 days before Christmas, running around like a sweaty madman. 

Oh, an addendum to the last post.  That should really read HEARD in my backyard on a Friday night, as said conversation had to practically be yelled to be heard over ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’  Just in case you had me pictured in your head leaning against the fence with a glass pressed to my ear 😉

It’s great having a backyard that is R rated.  Bring the kids, we’ll roast marshmallows.

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