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This evening, The Sub and I had the opportunity to attend the nuptials of this big boy


Some of y’all who have been around here for a while might remember this kid.  This is David, my Face to the War.  When David came home from Iraq, he had the good fortune to meet the little gal who would turn out to be his bride.  Sometimes love takes a long time and sometimes it hits you like a brick. 

Turns out it was a brick for these two


This is David and his new bride, Brandy. 

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t “do” weddings, I hate funerals, and I hate “showers” with a passion. 

However, I put my aversion to nuptials on the back burner today and attended David and Brandy’s wedding.

And I was glad I did. 

I can’t tell you how sweet it was to watch this darling Groom’s face when his bride came down the aisle.  I’ve never been sitting on the groom’s side at a wedding.  When we all stood and turned to look at the bride, I couldn’t keep myself from looking at David.  I wanted to see it.  That moment in time when David looked down the aisle and into the face of the woman who was about to be his wife…and the mother of his children…and his life partner.  I have to tell you it was a little bit of magic…that second where he went from looking a little nervous, with his face a little flushed…to sheer joy. 

I mean, really, how do you sit there and be a skeptic when you see a kid’s face light up like that. 

I wonder if anyone else in the crowd took the time to look forward instead of looking back at the bride as she walked up the aisle.  If they didn’t, they missed it. 

That moment was my favorite moment of the whole ceremony.  That moment said to me this Boy was in for the long haul.  The good times and bad, for richer or poorer.

And that made my shrunken heart grow a few sizes.  And I was glad for it.

I think sometimes I take my own history for a walk when it comes to ‘young love.’  I think I project onto happy little people and I don’t think that is fair.  There is no room for my skepticism in a pairing like Brandy and David.  When they read their vows to each other, I have to tell you that my teeth hurt.  There should be a law against such sweetness. 

It goes without mention that David was very dashing in full uniform, as were his attendants.  The Bride, of course, was breathtaking.  She couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

So, this, boys and girls, is where I put a moratorium on my anti-wedding stance.  I think it would serve my shrunken heart well to be in attendance when people stand before their friends and family and pledge undying love.

Even thought it sort of makes my teeth hurt.

Hell, I have dental insurance now, I can afford a cavity or two.


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The Waiting IS the Hardest Part

Y’all remember my friend’ s son David?  The big ol’ Boy who put a face to this war for me?  Here, I’ll just show you, so if you don’t have someone to put a face with the war, now you do, because I think that is important.  Meet David:

He’s about 6’9″ and while he can look like a real badass in some of the pictures i’ve seen, full of bravado and kickyerass, and here, take a look at this roadside BOMB I AM HOLDING…

but when he smiles…when this kid smiles he has the most twinkley eyes.  Thankfully, there are still some pictures of him smiling that smile, even though he is in a place where it is 130 degrees and it is dirty and people shoot at you and try to blow your shit up…

because that is your job.

Well, every single day since he has gone back, his mother and I hold an internet vigil, waiting for the smiley in the corner to announce “david smith has signed on.”  On mornings when his mom isn’t on, I will often have a chat with him.  We talk about drinking beer, what he had for dinner, what he is going to do when he comes home, his sciatica, and sometimes, but only just a little, we will talk a bit about his work.  He doesn’t talk much shop with his mom, as I am quite sure he doesn’t want to worry her.  

because he is a sweet boy like that.

Yesterday she told me of a particularly touching conversation they had via IM, one in which he thanked her and his dad for all the things they’d done for him, etc.  She told me it made her cry.  It made me cry.  And it makes me cry thinking about it.

Anyway, it isn’t easy when the very machine that makes it possible to have regular contact with your kid who is over there is the very same machine that bombards you with the daily news from Baghdad.  But you can’t not read it.  I sit here and read every scrap of information about the roadside bombings that kill our guys…about the explosions that kill their guys…and about the suicide bombings for “ethnic cleansing” killed at least 250 people.  

Yet, I tell this mother of this sweet boy…

Don’t read it.

I’m so full of bullshit. 

And here I sit, one eye doing this and the other eye keyed in to the lower right hand corner of my computer.  Just waiting for the smiley to manifest and announce ‘david smith has signed on.’

(which he just did <insert smiley face here>)

Someone tell me war doesn’t suck.

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