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someone I know…

  • has gone to the gym…A GYM…five days this week…well, it will be five when I go tomorrow to make up for Tuesday night when i was gross because of bullet #4…I mean, when someone goes tomorrow.
  • has paid attention to what she is eating…as in not a plate of fried taters and ham and not a big honkin’ bowl of turtle ice cream…while watching the biggest loser.
  • has successfully removed not one but THREE VIRUSES (or hopes she did…thinks she did…Norton Antivirus SAYS she did) from the resident laptop.
  • has a brand spanking new 50-gallon water heater that only two two days to install and produce hot water…someone was about to run down to the truckstop for a shower and shave.
  • has ouchies on both heels from new shoes she bought to go to the GYM. note to someone i know: don’t wear new shoes to the GYM.  and last but certainly not least…
  • feels better than she has in years.

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and then, it was 2010

Happy New Year! <woot party horn confetti>

Ah yes, NYE 2009…the year I spent it in a coma/in the bathroom.  Oh yes, good times.

What I had turns out to have been some sort of horrible crazy wicked stomach virus that I was quite positive was food poisoning, since it struck me 15 minutes after I ate the chicken Rob got for dinner on Wednesday evening.  I can say quite honestly that I have never EVER been hit so hard by an illness in my life.  To say the least, there was no NYE partying for me this year…no cocktail weenies, no queso, no chips and dip, no company and no fireworks at midnight.  No, I rang in the new year alternately in a coma on the couch or in the bathroom.  Flip a coin, i was one place or the other.  It wasn’t until Kelly came dragging in from her NYE gathering looking like the same train that hit me had hit her that I realized it wasn’t the chicken and we were just dealing with a bubonic-type plague, which, in a family of this size that comes and goes so much during the holiday, spreads about as quickly.  So, I went into haz-mat mode and quarantined her in the front room, gave her enough 7-Up for a day or so, barricaded the door, sprayed the rest of the house with Lysol, and suggested the rest of the gang don surgical masks for the duration.  Casey really did and it made me laugh.

So, yeah, I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished this long New Year’s weekend, though, over the course of two days, I finally did get the halls undecked.  It only took two days because I had to keep stopping and resting…and watching Glee Season 1. Reagan got it for me for an after-Christmas gift and i love it!  I’ve never watched a “season” on DVD before, but I must say that is pretty much ruined me for regular TV.  Sorry about that regular TV.   New Year’s Day, Reagan came by for pork and ‘kraut (and blackeyed peas), which, I think it is safe to say, is one of our favorite family traditions, and we watched the whole season, start to finish…well, she had to leave, but then Casey came in and finished it with me.  While we were on disk 2, we started Kelly with disk 1 in the sick room, and then yesterday I re-watched the rest of it with Kelly.

The weird thing?

I really enjoyed it.

Not the sick part, but the rest part, and the Glee part I absolutely loved.

I think sometimes it takes being hit by a viral train like that to make us just stop and rest.  Because believe you me, lying on the couch wrapped in an blanket, sipping 7-Up and watching Glee for two days certainly wasn’t how I planned to spend my weekend.  ohhhhh no.  Here is what was on my proposed New Year’s Weekend To-Do List:

  • undeck the halls (done, but done in stages)
  • clean the office (really really wanted to start the new year off with a clear desk…which may still happen maybe today)
  • laundry laundry laundry
  • floors (rain and snow and wintry mix + 150 million Noble pine tree needles = one big mess)
  • our bedroom (Rob’s clothes are multiplying or something…everywhere clothes)
  • clean out the van

This is how bad I felt…I didn’t even feel bad about not doing anything but resting and sipping 7-Up and watching Glee.  Ordinarily I’d be pulling myself along by the edges of the furniture to get it done.  But not this time.  Besides, it’ll all still get done. because the one thing I have tried to tell myself is that it will all be there tomorrow.


Like someone else is going to do the laundry.

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