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Early voting, it is accomplished.  So peaceful.  So alone at the polling place.  Such nice older gals manning the polling place.  I’ve never voted early before.  It rather feels like completing my Christmas shopping in November…


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My Political Post

Alright, y’all, this is about as political as I’m ever going to get on this thing.  After watching 60 Minutes on Sunday, I have decided who I am going to vote for. 

And when Mr. McCain said he’d go for staying in Iraq for 100 years, my decision was pretty much cast in stone.

What I would like, is to have everyone at least go VOTE.  If you love McCain and he stirs your soul, by all means, go VOTE.  If Brother Huckabee is your guy, VOTE for him.  If Hillary Clinton is speaks to you and you really, really want to see a woman president, then by all means, go VOTE for her.  If Barack Obama stirs something in you that says perhaps a chance for change is in the air, then go VOTE for him.  Also, if you love the Ron Paul, then VOTE for him. 

Also, if you would, do some research.  Don’t just go vote Republican or Democrat just because that is always what you’ve done.  We have this huge responsibility/right to do this voting thing and so many people I know just don’t. 

And if you choose not to exercise your vote, don’t bitch about how it came out.

Oh, and if you have kids who are of voting age, encourage them not only to vote, but to be an educated voter. 

And that is my political post for the week.

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