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Saturday, even though it was the last day of the pay period and I really needed to work, it was also the Junior’s last Winter Guard competition in Grand Prairie.  That said, I closed up shop early and the Sub and I headed North.  Now, it has been a long time since I ventured off 67… the only time I go North on 67 is when I am headed to Starplex, Smirnoff, SuperPages.com Arena for our yearly summer concert to see John Mayer or Counting Crows…for which you veer right.  Saturday, we veered left and drove through the most gorgeously green, bluebonnet-filled country I’ve seen in ages.  It seems that between Cedar Hill and South Grand Prairie there are quite literally hills mountains

and rock walls

and more green than I’ve seen in forever in “Dallas-ish” areas.  The Sub, I’m sure, grew quite tired of my exclamations of how exquisitely beautiful it was. 

To say the least, it was the prettiest drive to Grand Prairie I ever made.

After paying 10 bucks a pop to see said Junior do her thing with flags and giving her a lovely pink rose, we hit the door to do some shopping in the new metropolis of Cedar Hill.  Kohl’s was the target.  The Sub wanted to pick up some more tops to go with her ‘teacher skirts’ and I was just along for the ride, telling her from the get-go that we couldn’t stay long, as I needed to come back and complete my work for ‘the man.’

Surprisingly enough, I found things that I couldn’t live without…first came this

which makes the prettiest thunky thunk sounds when the wind blows.  I’ve positioned it somewhat near my bedroom window so that I can hear it while I lull of to slumber.

Then, like Kohl’s read my mind when I was thinking at Easter…dang, I wish I had an Easter-y tablecloth…the Sub found this

It’s the prettiest embroidered Easter-eggish tablecloth EVER.  And it was a whopping 8 bucks!  So, next Easter, baby, my table is going to be FESTIVE WITH AN EASTER EGG-ISH TABLECLOTH. 

So, then we found the candle section, which I am completely a sucker for and this candle

made me not want to burn it as much as just cut it open and eat it.  My GOSH the smell of this thing.  AND it has cinammon-y sprinkley things in it that just make it smell even MORE delicious.  Of note, burn this in a small room like my office and you might just get a fragrance headache.  This thing can scent up your whole damn house.

So, that was my Saturday…work…color guard competition…SHOPPING. 

Have I mentioned before that shopping when you have some dollars is so much more fun than shopping when you don’t? 

The difference, it is marked.

So, then Sunday…when I sat in church and decided that it was a GREAT day to clean out the front flower bed and PLANT SOMETHING for pete’s sake…since it was GORGEOUS outside.  So, off I did go to the Wal-Marts to get some posies to plant.  I got these for the planters on the steps

petunias, i think…

and these for the flower bed

a sort of periwinkle, I do believe. 

Little did I know that my little gardening project would entail pulling literally yards and yards of bermuda runners out of the flower bed and finding way old monkey grass that had been so devoid of sunlight for so long that it’s leaves were 2 feet long, in search of SUN.  So, I decided to transplant said long-haired monkey grass to the backyard, where it will still fight for light, but it will stand a better chance than being buried in the boxwoods. 

All said and done, by the end of Sunday, I had two huge bags of leaves and weeds and boxwood clippings and a flower bed that made it appear like I care what the front side of my house looks like.  Whether or not the petunias and the periwinkles live or realize that they’ve been planted by someone who dooms every living thing she plants to DIE is yet to be determined.  I’m giving them some plant food to give them a boost before I finally kill them.  But for the moment, don’t I look like a conscientous homeowner. 

Oh my Monday off, i cleaned the office. 


That was a task…

Let’s just say that there was FLOOR underneath all that shit. 

That Belle prompty distributed 1000 hairs on.

So, at last count in my get this DAMN HOUSE IN ORDER we have:

The Sub’s room…clean.

The kitchen…clean.

Den…besides all the Belle hair and the couch covers in dissarray…clean.

The Boy’s room…pristine (2 weeks in…WOOHOO).

All that is left to get ship shape is the bathrooms and my room…which entails a whole lotta laundry…of which I have a pile the size of Mt. Fuji…waiting to be folded in the garage. 

Hey, I’m trying…

So, yeah…going back to work today was kind of a relief from my days ‘off.’ 

But, dammit, does it feel good to actually accomplish something instead of just laying up and watching Top Chef marathons.


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More Adoption Talk…

Yet this time about dogs. 

As y’all know, we adopted a dog last month.  Her name is Belle and you’ve all probably seen her, since I have probably taken more pictures of her than I did my last kid.  She is, in a word, amazing.  We absolutely, completely, totally adore this dog.  Somehow, she manages to love us all, even though there are about a million of us to love.  She manages to share snuggle time with me, with the Mr., with The Junior, and with the Sub, and with The Boy.  She just seems to have this schedule in her head so she knows when it is time to go and love up on the next person in line.  She makes time for each and every one of us and loves us all the same.

I’ve had dogs I loved before, but my gawd, I do adore this dog.

The night after we adopted her, I sent an email to her family to let them know how much we loved her already.  I never heard back until today…

When I opened my email a while ago and saw the original mom had emailed me…I gotta tell you that my gut sort of flipped over.  Before I clicked on it, I was preparing myself for the worst…like, they’d reconsidered and wanted her back.  After I calmed myself, I clicked on it and found that the original dog mom appreciated the fact that we loved her and just wanted to see some pictures. 

Of course, I was more than happy to share the happy story of how this girl has fit into this family…how all of us, and there are a lot of us, have completely fallen in love with this dog.  I, happily, sent her some pictures and told her of how Belle has come to be a member of our family…how she lies with each and every one of us for the allotted time, somehow knowing she needs to love us up equally. 

And after I’d shared the pictures and the stories of how it’s been since she has been with us, I realized what we have here is an open adoption…an adoption where the original parents who loved her dearly just wanted to make sure she was okay, that she was loved, that she was taken care of…

just like my very own adoption.

My birth mom didn’t give me away willy nilly.  It was with great thought and care that the decision was made…just like Belle’s original owners struggled with the decison to let us take her to love. 

So…yeah…I’ve just compared my own adoption to the adoption of a dog.

And I am so completely fine with that.

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yet another…

picture of Belle looking at Jack longingly.  Can’t you just hear her saying ‘Lookit Old Man, this would be much easier if you’d stop resisting.”

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