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Today is the kind of day in Texas where I am reminded once again that God doesn’t really hate me and fall is, indeed, going to come again.  Yes, a cool front has wafted over us here in north texas and I could kiss it right on the mouth.  when it arrived late last evening I immediately turned the AC to OFF (take THAT TXU!) and flung the windows open with glee rivaled only by that I feel when presented a Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake that is all for MEEEEEEEEEEE. 

Our bedroom here at the Casa sort of juts off the house and has windows on three sides, thus becoming a virtual wind tunnel if there is any breeze out whatsoever.  Words cannot even describe to you people how absolutely DEEEELICIOUS it felt last night to lie there and feel the cool breeze blow over us as we went to sleep.  I woke up later actually COLD and had to pull the comforter over me and again just wanted to kiss the cold front full on the mouth.

Yeah, yeah, I bitch and moan about how we don’t have ‘seasons’ here.  It goes from ‘oh yay it’s the first day of spring, look at the pretty flowers!’ to ‘OH MY GOD MY LEATHER VAN SEAT JUST MELTED THE FAT ON THE BACK OF MY LEGS’ and from that to ‘OH MY GOD fall may actually come again this year,’ which is where we are at now. 

I kind of think that if the changes were more drawn out, if we were bothered here with all that changing of the leaves I hear so much about, I think maybe I’d take it a little bit for granted instead of wanting to make out with the cold cool fronts. 

So, I’m going to lick this cool front for a few days and enjoy it real good, because it’ll be in the 90s again next week…but only for a little while longer 🙂


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