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The new Melissa Ethridge album, The Awakening, is so amazing.  As in upon listening to 4samples of the 16-song CD I was going to put on some shoes and go to Walmart and buy the thing straight away.  

And that doesn’t happen much, people.

Me going out of the house, I mean.

So, okay, I ruled that out and decided I would just download the 10 that I loved the most at 99 cents a pop on amazon bop com (that’s how the Boy used to say it).  Then the RCG had to come in from her subbing gig at the junior high and point out that that would be 10 dollars, which is a tad under what the whole CD will cost when I actually buy it.


So then, I downloaded the Rhapsody Player and at this very moment am listening to track 15, Imagine That, which blends so smoothly and seamlesslessly into track 16, What Happens Tomorrow…which from the title of track 17, which is All There Is…

which amounts to, in my best estimation, the most stirring activist-y music I have had the privilege to hear EVER.

I’m serious, y’all…my tiny hardened sponge of a heart is sitting here and soaking this up like the koolaid I spilled on the counter this morning…and growing 2 sizes…lyrics like these:

I believe that we’re all waking up from a spell 
that those that profit from the fear cast so well
and good people of the earth 
now can tell there is no us and them.

If not now, when?
If not today, then?
What happens tomorrow?
What happens tomorrow?

If you become the change
you want to see you change…

I think this is what has been happening to me.  I think this CD would get me banished from the Resort Next Door.

Oh wait…I am.

Which is why it’s going on high rotation while I do my yardwork this weekend <insert angel smiley here>


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