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I have a cold for the first time in FOREVER.  I remember why I don’t like to have a cold.  My poor nose is sore, my lips are chapped, my right eye is all watery and droopy.  Nice soft Kleenexes…my kingdom for some nice soft Kleenex. 

On a happier note, I cybershopped like a muthah yesterday and knocked out all the big ticket items.  Mostly.  And it isn’t even December 1.  BOOYAH.  The monumentalness of this feat is HUUUUGE, considering you can usually find me at the SuperTarget 3 days before Christmas, running around like a sweaty madman. 

Oh, an addendum to the last post.  That should really read HEARD in my backyard on a Friday night, as said conversation had to practically be yelled to be heard over ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’  Just in case you had me pictured in your head leaning against the fence with a glass pressed to my ear 😉

It’s great having a backyard that is R rated.  Bring the kids, we’ll roast marshmallows.


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