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 “This burger is just too damn big” isn’t a bad one.  I’m sitting here looking at what remains of my lunch, which was a deliciously juicy Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger.  I ordered the one with jalapenos.  This thing is seriously about an inch thick, THE PATTY, that is…not to mention the yummy fried onions,the HUGE STRIPS OF BACON, and ton of cheese piled between a huge sesame seed bun.  I found my burger tasty and the sauce was tasty.  The only thing I can say negative about this thing is that I didn’t really get a whole lot of jalapeno flavor, which probably isn’t a bad thing for your average diner. 

Two words.


I’m having a meat sweat.

If you get a chance or if you get coupons for one of these monstrous burgers in the mail, go for it.  Just go HUNGRY, though, because one of these big boys will feed two people easily.  

So, from me, the Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me.   

p.s.  I forgot to tell y’all, I’m a bzzagent, which means that from time to time they send me products to try for free and then I just bzz the product 🙂 


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Random Bullet Tuesday

I can’t for the life of me put a cohesive post together, so we’re going the random bullet direction:

  • My gosh, how good does it feel outside this morning???  This is the kind of day that I remember that the good Lord Baby Jesus does really love the people of the world and summer is nearly over…until next week when it is 100 again.

  • Yesterday, my RCG went and did a wonderful thing that will, no doubt, increase the quality of life at the Casa for countless people.  You see, for years we’ve only had the internets on one computer…mine…the one I work on.  This meant that every time anyone other than me needed to:  check their bank account/myspace/livejournal/email, they would circle around me like buzzards over roadkill possum.  So, yesterday being my Supine Monday, RCG decided to take advantage of the fact I wasn’t on this machine and she found one of the routers we’ve bought in years past to network this machine with the Boy’s but could never get it to work, and SHE GOT IT TO WORK.  So now, not only is the Boy able to gamezone.com his heart out while I pound out the keystrokes over here, but we gots the WIFI, which means RCG can check her bank balance/myspace/AIM/Ebay/YahooMessenger/  look for a J-O-B from the comfort of her dorm room the living room.  This made yesterday RCG Day here at the Casa.  That squeal of delight you heard yesterday around 4 p.m. was the Boy when he saw these words on his computer monitor:  youtube.  This is monumental.  We fed her amazing food and served it to her while she updated her iTunes and I think the Boy might have brought her a burnt offering of some kind later…or a brownie.  Dang.  Lengthy bullet.

  • Okay, so Sunday afternoon the Mr. drops the Junior off at church for choir.  When I go back to pick her up an hour later, she comes out with Shifty-Looking Girl.  “Uh. Whatcha doing, Junior?”  I said.  “Oh nothing, Shifty-Looking Girl is going to come to our house and then go over to Dad’s later.”  uh. ok.  Of course, I immediately think…well, I hope SLG doesn’t need to use the litter box restroom while she is here because I don’t care if I don’t know her from Adam, I’m embarassed for her to go in there.  But, I smile graciously and drive because I can tell something is fishy.  Long story shorter, she is 17, pissed off at her old, disabled parents, and has decided since the first of the summer that crashing at various friends’ places is better than staying home.  She also uses for effect that she “lives behind the Walmart.”  The Juniors dad has let her stay there, but when the Junior is here, I hate to say it, but we just don’t have any room at the Inn.  Also, according to her, she has “sexuality issues, has been in the insane asylum twice, and has met Pete Wentz.”  I’m calling bullshit on this one.  The Junior realizes she may have bit off more than she can chew with this and we are all hoping that her Dad takes care of it.  I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with that kind of drama when I’m trying to keep my own ship afloat.

  • That verse in the Bible that says “a child shall lead them”…it’s so not lying.  The Mr. and I, Boy in tow have had our tails in a pew 3 of the 4 past Sundays.  This is stellar.  Trust me on this one.  Not stellar enough to take first bullet, but stellar nonetheless.

  • OHHHHH.  I got the coolest wind chimes for the backyard.  Just in time for the winds today.  If you’re thinking tinkly tinkly wind chimes, stop.  The longest of the “chimes” is probably 45 inches long.  These are windGONGS.  They sound beautiful.  We have a lovely spot all picked out to hang them over by the gate 😉

  • annnnnnnnnnnd…I think that brings Random Bullet Tuesday up to date.

  • No, wait.  since we chatted last, we’ve had three birthdays at the Casa…well, not AT the Casa really, but the Boy is now 9 and is loving 3rd grade and liking his first man teacher, the Longhorn turned 20 and the College Freshman is now 19, and we officially get to put an end to Birthday Season until January. 

  • ok. now that’s all.

  • Hearts and Flowers, folks 🙂

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Dear Sonic,

First, let me say this.  I love you.  I really do.  I love your tots.  I ADORE your delectable cherry limeades.  I love the fact that I can sit in my car and your perky carhops deliver tasty treats to my eager hands.  Heck, I even enjoy your funny commercials with the homoerotic guys.  I love that you can have breakfast for supper and lunch for breakfast. 


I have one question. 

Why the heck do you have to put some sort of wacky sauce on everything? 

This morning, my Favorite Longhorn and I went to have our last eat together, as she is at this very moment motoring her way back to Austin, Texas.  I, as I am quite often a dinner for breakfast type, ordered your lovely bacon cheeseburger toaster sammich combo, so i could bring the tasty tots home for the Boy.  About 2 bites in I start tasting…

Barbecue sauce?

“Is this barbecue sauce?” I asked my Favorite Longhorn, wrinkling up my nose.

“No, it’s hickory sauce,” she said matter of factly.



And, to be fair, your colorful and appetite-stimulating menu did have small print over on that side (where only the driver could read it) about how the bacon cheeseburger toaster has tasty, yummy hickory sauce, so it isn’t your fault.  It’s mine.

There just isn’t a thing wrong with plain ol’ mustard.

Just sayin’



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