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“the meat dish”

I have always loved cookbooks. My most prized kitchen item is my beat up, stained, notated, red-checkered Betty Crocker cookbook that I bought with Betty Crocker points from boxtops around 1995.  I have never made anything that came out of that book that wasn’t to die for.  That cookbook is responsible for getting me over my fear of pie crust.  It is also responsible for my chicken pot pie.

Hey Betty, my kids say thanks!

However, as my life pretty much revolves around this computer, my newfound fascination with food blogs isn’t really a surprise. I could spend hours reading them. And I guess it is true what they say about eating with your eyes first, because the ones that have beautiful photographs are the ones that make me want to make everything.  My current favorite is by a little gal who used to go to church with my girls.  I can’t even remember how I came across Sing for Your Supper to tell you the truth, but I am really glad I did. Her layout is adorable,the writing is good,  her food is YUMMY…and it is stuff like you would really love to make, but the pictures just make it for me. That blog is like a time machine for me…I just lose hours clicking around, looking at yummies and thinking what i’d like to make (so sad i didn’t find this before my lifestyle changes or I would have eaten these for one whole day.

Where was I going with this…

Oh yeah, since it is just me and the boys left here at the house, dinner time has become somewhat of a challenge, since the Boy would be perfectly happy if you just gave him meat. Meat on a plate is all that one really requires. Rob is the same way, only throw in some pasta with the meat. And if you add mushrooms to the meat, well, that’s just gravy.  On the rare occasion you can’t come up with a good meat and pasta idea, then their philosophy runs along the lines of there’s no night that’s a bad night for spaghetti.

It gets a littttttttle tedious.

So, one night Rob brought home this gorgeous steak, a gorgeous red bell pepper, a green bell pepper, and baby portobellas.  Those ingredients led to the making of what we took to calling “the meat dish,” because we are creative like that and also, that’s why I don’t have a food blog. But my gosh, it’s like our default meal. With rice. We couldn’t really come up with a creative name to call it, but I was telling my friend Karen about it one night and she was all like…

ummmm, isn’t that pepper steak?

so, yeah.

Anyway, inspired by Sing for Your Supper, one night while preparing “the meat dish” Pepper Steak, I decided to try my hand at a food blog sort of entry.  So folks, hold on tight. I bring you:

Pepper Steak

First, I marinate the beef (Rob always buys some fancy big o’ steak, but I’m quite sure a nice round steak would be juuuuuust fine) in Worcestershire and lots of pepper and garlic salt (and if you want to go hotter, throw in some Serrano peppers)

While the meat is marinating, I fillet (isn’t that a fancy way to say ‘cut up? That’s how my friend Alton Brown refers to ‘cutting up’) the peppers and large dice the onion and saute them in some nice EVOO (got that from my friend Rachael Ray), until the onions are translucent and the peppers are still just a little bit crunchy.

Then, I add the meat back into the veggies and saute until the vegetables are tender.

*note – apparently this go-round with the meat dish, I didn’t have the portobellas and used canned mushrooms…also just fine.

We serve this over what we call “mom’s perfect rice,” although I have to give the credit to Alton Brown, since he is the one who told me about it.

First, put on 3 cups of salted water to boil. Then, put 2 tablespoons of butter (I’ve also used olive oil and I’ve also used less butter…also just fine) in another pan and saute 2 cups of rice (we use jasmine rice exclusively here at the Casa…though regular long grain…also just fine)just until it starts to brown a little

then you pour the boiling water over the rice, being aware that you’re going to have a rather volatile boiling water meets hot rice reaction

then slap a lid on the pan, turn the fire down to lowish medium, let it cook for 7 minutes and BAM. Your perfect rice.

And voila. The Meat Dish



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