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Five Years

This morning I went back and read my “About” page, which I apparently updated some time in 2009, and it was a little bit like digging up a time capsule.

Apparently, even then I was looking to quit the transcription business.

Exhibit A:  My doleful first paragraph

I’m a home-based medical transcriptionist and have been for 16 years.  I am also desperately looking for a way out.  At this point, donning a blue vest and welcoming people to Walmart sounds fun.

So cheery, right?!?!  Tell me more, depressed trancriptionist (people must have been yelling at their screens).

So, I did!

First, a rundown of the cast of characters (updates in bold)

  1. The 7th Grade Math Teacher, my firstborn, 24…now a 29-year-old doggymom, wife and homeowner who still teaches 7th grade math.
  2. Still my Favorite Longhorn, for one more year, 22...now a 26-year-old New York advertiser.
  3. The College Junior, Rachel, 21...now a 25-year-old married grad student living with her husband and two dogs.
  4. My youngest daughter, Kelly, 18, whose main purpose in life these days seems to be to remind everyone she isn’t like her sisters.…now a 23-year-old executive assistant in Big D.
  5. Dane, 11, aka the IT guy, continues to be the best surprise ever…now a French-speaking freshman in high school whose hair has it’s own email address. 

Yes, that’s a lot of kids.  I had #1, #2 and #4, he came with #3, and we had #5.  If I had a farm, I’d sure have me some cheap labor…

When I just had two kids, I once told my very good best friend, who was about to have her third kid, the “only reason people should have that many kids is if they have a farm and need cheap labor.”  Then I had my third kid and learned to keep my mouth closed.

Without further ado, what better way to let you get to know me than a meme:

What are your top five…

1. … pet peeves?
a. “Me” people, i.e. people who are all about themselves…how’s this effect me, what are you going to do for me, what about ME sorts.
b. Poor table manners
c. Driving and talking on the phone
d. Knuckle cracking
e. Channel flippers
now I AM A CHANNEL FLIPPER…but only because I don’t know what channel anything comes on now that we have Uverse!

2. … wishes and dreams?
a. To one day be financially stable.
b. Pretty little curly-haired grandbabies to spoil…one day
c. All the kids to finish college and have wonderfully successful lives.
d. I wish I could bulldoze this house and rebuild in exactly the same spot.
e. I wish the war in Iraq was

All still the same!

3. … significant life lessons?
a. You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else.
b. It’s only Money.
c. Money will not make you happy, but it might help.
d. Do not do tequila shots on an empty stomach after you’ve driven 16 hours.
e. It is far more important to be your children’s PARENT than their best friend.


4. … most cherished possessions?
a. My mom’s dishes
b. The kids’ baby pictures
c. My wedding ring
d. This old christmas decoration from when I was little. It is a church and it used to light up and it had these stained glass windows.
e. My computer. Without it I couldn’t work OR play.


5. … favorite junk food?
a. Taco Bueno Cheesecake Chimichangas ~ I hope Satan’s happy
b. Funyuns.
c. Drumsticks.
d. Jack in the Box Tacos
e. Frito pie

Wow. I must have really been in love with those chimichangas for that moment.  Thankfully, that didn’t last…but Jack Tacos and frito pie..now those will always hold a spot in that top 5.

It is now five years later and I am five years older and five times happier.  I am thrilled to report that last summer I finally found the exit door and at 49 years old, started a new job outside the walls, doing something completely different.

This is something I highly encourage.

If you are unhappy, find a way to get happy.

In your job.

In your life.

because life is too precious to waste being miserable in it.



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Hiatus Ends

I have been thinking a lot recently about writing…and how much I miss it. This blog has been home to my stories during a time in my life that was filled with fun and carelessness and fear and regret and sadness. In many of the stories, there was as much unsaid as said…because some of the story wasn’t mine to tell.

A lot has happened…big, life-changing things…here at the Casa, and I’m not sure if their stories should happen here or perhaps a fresh, new place with a fresh, new name…or perhaps Mom’s Kitchen will get its own spot, since that is one of the big, life-changing things that has happened to me since we last had a visit…

At any rate, words are going to come.

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