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 So, ya’ll know how the Sub has been subbing pretty much on a regular basis since she graduated from college with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Business Administration and hasn’t been able to land the dream job.  She likes it enough that she’s decided that if said dream job doesn’t come down the pike pretty damn fast she is going to go ahead and get her teaching certificate.  It’s a plan and I’m all for it.

Except for day’s like today when she comes home from school and says she pretty much just wants to take a shower and scrub her skin raw and then just go to bed so this day can be behind her since The Kid who Asked Her to Homecoming the first time she subbed, then gave her his school picture with his phone number, then continually bothered her about it every time she subbed out there wrote under the lab table a vulgarity about her anatomy and was making nasty hand gestures about her. 

Apparently not soon enough, this time she wrote him up and sent him to the office and will have to file an incident report.

She’s tried so hard to ignore it in hopes he would finally stop.  He didn’t.

Today was sexual harrassment, plain and simple.  By an 8th grader…

When I was in 8th grade, Zeke didn’t even have the balls to ask another 8th grader “to go with” him.  No, he’d have Drexel go ask her.  And the whole time you were “going out” with Zeke, the actual amount of interaction amounted to passing notes in the hall and maybe sitting by each other on the rock wall during “break.”  

Oh, there was an occasional lethario like Paul, a transplant from a Carolina who had the prettiest mouth and the softest lips I have ever kissed, who DID have the balls to handle his own love life.  Oh hell no, Paul didn’t need his buddy to do his talking for him.  Paul would just come right to your house and do it his ownself.  

There was this one time, the summer between 8th and 9th grade, when he came calling to my house…

Yeah, he had lovely lips.  Ah, a fond memory but I digress.

What I want to know is how in the hell is it that an 8th grader has the balls to act the way this kid has with the Sub.  Yes, she is pretty.  Yes, she is young.  Yes, they are boys.  Yes, I know that 14-year-old boys are nasty little creatures who constantly think about sex and boobs and sex and cheeseburgers and boobs and sex.

But man… Seriously?   Nasty hand gestures about the Sub right there in front of the Sub?!?!?  

I know…I know.  I haven’t parented a 14-year-old boy yet, but lemme just tell ya this.  If I EVER hear tell that the Boy treated a woman in such a disrespectfall manner, it will take him days to remove my boot from his ass.  

And that’s a promise you can hold me to.

Wait…a…minute.  A thought occurs to me…

Perhaps the problem lies not with these disrespectful children but with the parents who didn’t teach them TO respect.

What do y’all think?  Is this a case of “boys being boys,” or is it straight up sexual harassment?  Am I just being naive about “how boys are” or what?

I do know this.  Whether she is 22 or not, my mom instincts make me want to call his mother or kick his ass myself, one or the other.


But I won’t.


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