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Cute little freckles you just want to bite off. 

I give you

Exhibit A    Photobucket

Would you absolutely kill for those eyelashes.  I would. 

Now for exhibit B


Aside from the very biteable little freckle, look at those eyes.  It’s hard for me to believe, when I look into those deep, almost black pools of emotion, that I sort of hoped he would have light eyes like his Fun Uncle Ron.  I thought how arresting it would be to have this dark-haired, dark-skinned boy with light green eyes.  I didn’t realize just how arresting these nearly black eyes would be.  He has his daddy’s eyebrows, by the way, and I see eyebrow grooming in his future. 

The Boy has very little of me in him.  From the moment he was born he had his dad’s eyes, his nose, his ears.  From the get-go, I knew that this Boy was basically his Daddy’s clone, but without all the scientific intervention.  After having three girls who in one way or the other sort of looked like me, it’s funny that no one has ever thought he was mine.  I have come to grips with the fact that all I did was cook the kid.  After that, he was all Dad’s…

Except his hands.


Not that you can tell from this picture, but The Boy and I have the same hands.  Our life lines are almost identical.  So, I guess if anyone ever thought I’d kidnapped this kid, we could show them our hands and they’d let me go.

One of the cool things about having a The Boy is getting to watch them do things like this


Those meaty hands, much like his mother’s, are crazy good for climbing trees. 

Have I ever told y’all how much I loved climbing trees when I was little?  Well, I did and I was quite good at it.

So he did get something from me.

Take that, DNA.


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