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I Like Dreamin’

But lately, not so much.  For the last weeks I have been visited at night by levitating cell phones possessed of demons, sick and dying babies that are not mine yet I desperately have to try to keep them alive but I forget to feed them and I’m always so concerned about them getting dehydrated (those really, really bother me), ghoulies in general, and all means of peril and unease.  I especially enjoyed the one where I was at some sort of baseball/football game and the stands were made of plastic and were huge and tall and I was at the very top and they were just weaving and about to topple over (and I am deathly afraid of heights). 

It hasn’t been very conducive for restful sleep.

But this past week, each and every night there is a distinct similarity in my dreams, in that they are always set in a house that is in disrepair.  In one, we are repairing the roof and all around me the decking is just caving in and I have no place to go.  In another, the only way to get in to the house is by stacking crates and chairs and boxes and climbing up to get to the door and when you do, everything tumbles down.  There was one where I was upstairs and the staircase collapsed and I had no way to get down.

It is annoying enough that I sit here in the morning trying to piece together my crazy nocturnal brain activity, so this morning I googled “dreams about houses” and found this:

Start interpreting the dream by deciding if the house in your dream is one in which you currently live or have lived in at some point or if the house is not one you know.

If the house is someplace you called home at some point in your life, think about what was occurring in your life when you lived there. I have a client who was unhappily married for many years. Anytime she finds herself in a bad state emotionally, she begins dreaming that she is living in the house where she lived before she was divorced. Analyzing the dream in this way can also help you discover whether the dream points to current issues or issues that are coming up from the past.

If the house seems to be a generic house, or isn’t one that you know, then the dream is probably serving as a symbol of your body, mind or spirit, rather than a symbol of some interpersonal issue.

Houses that are in need of repair may indicate feelings of exhaustion or may indicate health issues which need addressing. They most certainly point to a need to pay more attention to the physical body.

Houses that are falling apart may indicate emotional stress. Similarly, dilapidated houses may indicate old, outdated modes of being. In both cases, the dream is asking us to look at how we are relating to the world and to update our mode of being in it.

 Bingo, I thought.  You’re spot on, BellaOnline. 

Excited as I was to finally have some insight on why I am being devilled in my sleep, I share with my friend Teresa the breaking news.  The reason I am having these stupid house dreams is because I am: 

Exhausted…check…or I could have health issues (there is this weird node that is bothering me)…check…or maybe emotional stress…check.

Any of the above fit.

But in her infinite wisdom she replies:

MyFriendTeresa (10:33:27 AM): ok

MyFriendTeresa(10:34:10 AM): could it be that maybe your house just needs some work on it  LOL


What a smartass.




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What a Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night.  Not just any nightmare either.  This one had levitating cell phones.  And me screaming “DOWN WITH THE DEVIL.”  Which is when the Mr. nudges me and told me I was making ghost sounds. 

How creepy is that. 

I didn’t even want to go back to sleep, for fear it would just pick up where it left off, with me shouting at the Devil/levitating cell phone.  So, as I lay there fighting sleep, I said to myself.

Self, quit being stupid.  When you are dreaming that you and George Clooney are on a super romantic date and he’s about to “come in for coffee” and you get woke up, when you go back to sleep, THAT dream never just picks up where you left off, so go back to sleep fercrissake…you have to get up in a few hours.

So I did finally.  I went back to sleep.

And I’ll be damn if it didn’t pick up right where it left off.

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